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A journey through the enchanting caves of Valkenburg

On both sides of Hotel 1711 are three of Valkenburg's most famous caves: de Gemeentegrot, de Fluweelengrot, but also het Mergelrijk. Just a 5-minute walk from our hotel, these caves are the perfect getaway during your stay.

The Valkenburg caves are not only an impressive display of natural beauty, but also a fascinating journey back in time, where history and mystery come together. The caves offer a unique insight into the region's rich history and culture, from Roman times to the Middle Ages.

Multiple activities are also available to make your experience in the caves even more memorable. From guided tours by experienced guides to adventurous caving expeditions, there is something for everyone.

A Journey Through Time

The Valkenburg Caves are steeped in history and legend. Over the centuries, these mysterious underground tunnels have served as shelters, dwelling places and even places of refuge during wars and conflicts. On a tour of the caves, you'll learn about the intriguing stories and events that took place here, from Roman times to World War II. Even the traces of German troops can still be found, along with beautiful murals that bring the past to life.

Stories about the infamous Bokkenrijders, the legendary inhabitants of Valkenburg Castle, and the use of the caves during wartime are told by the guides, giving visitors a fascinating insight into the rich history and mysterious folklore that surrounds this underground world.

De Gemeentegrot

De Gemeentegrot is located on the Cauberg, but actually it is not a cave at all; it is a quarry, a marl quarry.

Exploring de Gemeentegrot is not only a voyage of discovery through Valkenburg's underground history, but also a trip back in time to the days when craftsmen and workers carved these corridors and built the world above them marlstone by marlstone.

De Fluweelengrot

This magnificent cave of Valkenburg is located beneath the only high castle in the Netherlands, the Castle Ruin of Valkenburg. The ruin is connected to historic escape passages, which lead you to de Fluweelengrot. In this cave you will discover ancient stories, drawings and beautiful sculptures in the marl wall.

Het Mergelrijk

The name Mergelrijk says it all: the caves consist entirely of marl. This unique environment is embellished with breathtaking 3D murals, making it seem as if you yourself are participating in all sorts of vivid scenes. Discover the magic of this underground world and be enchanted by the impressive creations that bring the caves to life.

Whether you are a history buff, a nature lover, or just looking for a unique experience, the Valkenburg Caves has something for everyone. Enjoy a wonderful overnight stay at Hotel 1711 and enjoy the hospitality and charm of Valkenburg. Discover the mysterious world of the Valkenburg Caves and make your stay at Hotel 1711 an unforgettable experience!

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